Every production and publication – however big or small and on whatever medium – begins with a clear and inspirational positioning. With our own positioning tool based on decades of experience, we position anything from companies, including books, products, services, brands, locations, activities and music.

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In the story on telling stories, we tell you why stories are so crucial to our lives. From Shakespeare to Formula 1, going all the way back to Gilgamesh (the first story) and based on the lessons of story-writing guru Robert McKee, we focus on the elements for creating lasting media and marketing content.

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With comprehensive experience in the creation of our own media content – and based upon a workflow tool we call The Perfect Briefing – we function as partners in the conceptual stage of how and what a production or publication should look, feel and sound like to become successful.

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The production stage of content closer to publication, is a delicate process which should be done with the best partners on the most fitting media possible. Being closely involved in the entire process, Innoa functions as an intermediary towards partners and media to get the ultimate emotional click with the public.

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Publishing has changed so drastically with internet that the field is still very much in flux. Furthermore, the nature of the publication – book, music, film, blog & more – means content and PR strategies vary wildly. We therefore work with the worlds best and most cutting edge media to get your story everywhere.

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With our feet on the ground and our tongue firmly in our cheeks, we have a very different view on modern social media techniques than the average so-called social experts. With Innoa, content and real emotion come first, the technique second. No hypes… we built lasting content distribution strategies.

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Emotional Innovation – Book

A book on the role of human emotions in growth, creativity and innovation. Includes a series of value and emotion measuring techniques – Emote / Corporate Value Selector – based on the World Emotion Index by Roland & Rogier van Kralingen and Raphaels research. Order now: http://bit.ly/1K6Hdq8.

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C2B Revolutie

Award Winning book The C2B Revolution – edited by Rogier van Kralingen – describes how crowdsourcing is turning the world to a Consumer2Business focus, instead of the other way around. The partner company that originated from this principle innovates on consumer involvement and research. Order now: http://bit.ly/1VQxkU7.

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Corporate Value Selector

Like Emote the Corporate Value Selector is also based on the World Emotion Index. It is a simple to use online tool with which you choose your values with dozens of people, live and direct. This finally brings determining the internal values and culture of a company within reach for all small and medium enterprises.

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Founder – Biography

Rogier van Kralingen is a musician, speaker and award-winning writer in the broadest sense of the word. He does production, editing and publication of books, scripts, presentations, articles and music. His specialty is the interaction between humans and technology, combined with deep insight into emotions.

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